Smokey and the Bandit
By Tim Murphy
How a secret government sweetheart deal for Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder wrecked a great park ranger's career.

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Whistleblower in Snyder tree case moves on to a new job, wins settlement with park service
By Miranda S. Spivack
The federal government has settled whistleblower retaliation complaints from a former C & O Canal chief ranger who said he suffered years of reprisals after revealing that the National Park Service had allowed Washington Redskins owner Daniel M. Snyder to cut down 130 mature trees in a federally protected area...

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Washington, DC - The long ordeal of Chief Ranger Robert Danno, who blew the whistle on illegal tree cutting by Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, is over, as indicated in the following joint statement: ...

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Dan Snyder Clear-cutting Whistleblower Still Under Siege: Chief Park Ranger Survives 7 Years of Retaliation to Now Face Proposed Removal

Washington, DC - The National Park Service has destroyed the career of a Chief Ranger after he blew the whistle on illegal tree cutting by Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, according to a compelling new book. The book details how the Park Service subjected its Chief Ranger to a mind-numbing retaliatory gauntlet including a failed criminal prosecution. Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) calls the reprisal campaign against Robert M. Danno, a highly decorated 30-year veteran ranger, the most vicious it has yet witnessed...

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Cranky Fans, Meet the Cranky Park Ranger Taking on Dan Snyder and NPS
By: Benjamin R. Freed

One of the most memorable entries in the City Paper's exhaustive November 2010 "Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder" was the one dealing with the team owner's need for an "Unobstructed View" of the Potomac River from his Montgomery County estate. "To accomplish this, he cut down trees protected by the National Park Service," Dave McKenna wrote...

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A good ranger stands up to bad bureaucrats
By: Andrea Lankford

When a woman ran to the front door of Yellowstone Park Ranger Robert M. Danno with a small bundle in her arms and a panicked look on her face, he grabbed the medical kit the National Park Service had issued to him. Danno, whose duties included emergency medicine as well as law enforcement, carried the kit with him constantly, even bringing it to his own home. It was fortunate that it was available when the young mother laid her blue and unconscious infant on the ranger's kitchen table and begged him to do something...

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Outspoken ranger still suffers for Snyder's trees
By: Barbara Hollingsworth

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis, and other NPS bigwigs must have been squirming as they listened to the eulogy. Robert Danno was saluting Margaret Anderson's "uncommon professionalism," days after the 34-year-old Mt. Rainier ranger had been gunned down by a deranged park visitor on New Year's Day...

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Spirit of Jefferson and Farmer's Advocate: Book Details Ranger's Battle
By: Christine Miller Ford

SHEPHERDSTOWN The battle between National Park Service Ranger Rob Danno and his superiors over more than 100 trees axed at the request of Washington Redskins' owner Dan Snyder has been called not the shootout at the OK Corral but the "showdown at the C&O Canal."...

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The Mountain News — WA: NPS Ranger with ties to Margaret Anderson becomes agency whistleblower, writes book
By Bruce A. Smith

Rob Danno, the former Chief Ranger at Bryce Canyon National Park who gave Margaret Anderson her first ranger job in the National Park Service, has written an account of his whistle blowing activities within the agency...

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Association of National Park Rangers: Worth Fighting For
Reviewed by Rick Smith - for Ranger magazine, Summer 2012, the journal of the Association of National Park Rangers

An observer not intimately familiar with the details of this story might ask: why is one of the most talented and honored rangers in the National Park Service, chief ranger in three different parks (Chiricahua, Bryce Canyon and C&O Canal) now assigned as the staff park ranger for the National Capital Region, duty stationed at Antietam with no discernable duties, while still being paid as a ranger with law enforcement duties? If that makes Ranger readers curious, they only have to get this book to find out why. I highly recommend they do...

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ABC 7: Only on 7: Whistleblower in Dan Snyder scandal writes a book
A Park Ranger Blows the Whistle on Bureaucrats and a Billionaire and Pays the Price

Worth Fighting For tells the tale of a dedicated ranger who lived up to his oath of office as a federal law enforcement officer and ultimately fell on his sword to protect park resources

"It's no surprise when an agency reacts to whistle-blowing by shooting the messenger. But when the National Park Service went after ranger and true 'green blood' Rob Danno for reporting a corrupt deal between his supervisors and Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, they let loose with both barrels in an effort to destroy not only his career but also his life. Danno is not the first well-meaning person to suffer the wrath of his employer, but his is certainly one of the more compelling, contemporary examples of the malice and incompetence with which 'America's most beloved federal agency' is capable of operating." ∼ Paul Berkowitz, former supervisory special agent, author of The Case of the Indian Trader and U.S. Rangers: The Law of the Land

Good is supposed to prevail. The underdog whose cause is just is supposed to triumph. Corrupt bureaucrats, when exposed, are supposed to pay the price, rather than those who expose their transgressions. Yet when corruption comes from the highest office and politics and money are involved, even a highly decorated chief ranger can be brought down.

Worth Fighting For – A Park Ranger’s Unexpected Battle against Federal Bureaucrats and Washington Redskins Owner Dan Snyder details Chief Ranger Rob Danno’s storied thirty-year career with the National Park Service in parks ranging from Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon and how his career unexpectedly stalled when he uncovered corruption at the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park outside of Washington, DC.

Part wilderness adventure story and part legal thriller, Worth Fighting For is the story of a ranger’s supreme efforts to prevail against a corrupt bureaucracy and how a federal investigation uncovered the truth. Yet it is also a story about the unexpected limitations of whistle blowing and the insidious tactic of attacking the accuser.

Danno comments, “If my story helps the National Park Service conduct some serious introspection and reevaluate its course or methods of management, I will have accomplished my goal. The integrity of our national parks and the agency that oversees them is indeed worth fighting for.”

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