"Did the National Park Service blame messenger Chief Ranger Robert Danno for the message he brought to the Interior Department's Inspector General?..."

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Kurt Repanshek, National Parks Traveler
"This is a splendid book! Go out and buy a copy or get your library to get a copy, or even better, drop in on your nearest friendly National Park Service unit, go to the little Cooperating Association book store (All parks have them.) and inquire politely if they stock WORTH FIGHTING FOR. If they don't (and they probably won't) ask why not? If the clerk doesn't know why, demand to speak to someone with a little authority, like the Chief of Interpretation or the Superintendent..."

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Thunderbear Newsletter
"An observer not intimately familiar with the details of this story might ask: why is one of the most talented and honored rangers in the National Park Service, chief ranger in three different parks (Chiricahua, Bryce Canyon and C&O Canal) now assigned as the staff park ranger for the National Capital Region, duty stationed at Antietam with no discernable duties, while still being paid as a ranger with law enforcement duties? If that makes Ranger readers curious, they only have to get this book to find out why. I highly recommend they do..."

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Rick Smith , life member and former President of the Association of National Park Rangers
"It's no surprise when an agency reacts to whistle-blowing by shooting the messenger. But when the National Park Service went after ranger and true ‘green blood’ Rob Danno for reporting a corrupt deal between his NPS supervisors and Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, they let loose with both barrels in an effort to destroy not only his career, but also his life. Danno is not the first well-meaning person to suffer the wrath of his employer, but his is certainly one of the more compelling, contemporary examples of the malice and incompetence with which 'America's most beloved federal agency' is capable of operating."

Paul Berkowitz, former Supervisory Special Agent,
author of The Case of the Indian Trader and U.S. Rangers: The Law of the Land
"An honest and important book about what happens when a good ranger stands up to bad bureaucrats. Rob Danno's Worth Fighting For will open your eyes to the joys and frustrations dedicated park rangers face in their fight to protect America's iconic landscapes. Equally heartbreaking, hopeful, and hilarious, this story ends with one of the most suspenseful and moving courtroom scenes on paper. I highly recommend this to all who care about our national parks and the people who protect them."

Andrea Lankford, author of Ranger Confidential
"Rob Danno is an energetic, competent, and mission focused ranger. He was cited for valor in saving a visiting family that was swept into one of Yellowstones rivers. That is the ranger I remember."

Bob Barbee, Yellowstone Superintendent, 1983-1994
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